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  • Sep 12, 2020 by Sandeep Gupta

    It was wonderful as usual always ... no complaints

  • Sep 04, 2020 by Jacob White

    I go hear for my hygienist and my doc. They are the best. Enough said

  • Sep 03, 2020 by Kara Mead

    I have been going to the same dentist office for about 20 years, so when my insurance changed I was really hesitant on finding a new place. This place is really great. I love how informed they are on the latest research and our really up to date on their medical devices. The hygienist Miretta was so amazing, she was very kind and was able to make my transition to a different dental office a lot easier. I definitely recommend coming here!

  • Sep 02, 2020 by Brandon Murphy

    Hands down best experience at a dental office... & I’ve been to a fair amount of them. Maretta was extremely skilled & made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process of x-rays, & cleaning. Dr. Brett was also very knowledgeable on all of the new techniques & made me feel at ease during his part. They have some of the coolest new technology that made everything so much easier. I highly recommend checking out Camarillo Smiles if you haven’t been to the dentist because of a bad experience. They will change your perspective & show you what a skilled professional staff looks like. Will definitely be back.

  • Aug 27, 2020 by Zulema Renee Summerfield

    Very friendly staff! I appreciated all the care they are taking to make patients feel safe during Covid.

  • Aug 26, 2020 by Sandy Camp

    My 3 daughters and I have been patients at Camarillo Smiles almost 16 years. We love going to their office because they are friendly, professional, knowledgeable and considerate. I highly recommend their Dental Office to any one that is looking for a great dental experience.

  • Aug 26, 2020 by Michael Olmes

    Amazing care! Told me things i have never heard before, best cleaning ive had

  • Aug 26, 2020 by Tim Bennett

    Excellent staff, informative visit during a routine cleaning. Ms. M took great care of me.

  • Aug 14, 2020 by Sebastian Szczebiot

    I have been going to Camarillo Smiles for over twenty years—the entire team is stellar, educated and compassionate! A real pleasure!

  • Jul 22, 2020 by Terri Jones

    I love this dental office. Everyone is so friendly and I get the best care for my teeth. Appointments are always available for my schedule too.

  • Jul 22, 2020 by Clay Martinez

    This was my first visit here and my first dental visit in 9 years or so. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. The facilities were very well maintained and clean. Great work by everyone there, I will definitely be back!

  • Jul 16, 2020 by Nancy Robbins

    Staff is very friendly and I felt well taken care of. They followed the strictest of guidelines to keep their patients safe.

  • Jul 13, 2020 by Dena Rini

    Love this office! Staff and Dr’s friendly and they never give you a hard time if you haven’t been in for a while. I’ve been coming here for over 20 years and I would never switch!

  • Jul 08, 2020 by Alan Fridlund

    Very kind, courteous and competent staff. A+ dentistry. The dentists are warm, caring, and take the time to explain everything. Dental visits are never fun, but these folks make the best of it. Total Covid-19 awareness and precautions are in place!

  • Jul 06, 2020 by Cynthia Dutter

    I was hesitant to go to the dentist because of the current COVID-19 situation, but I didn’t want to put off routine cleaning any longer because I was already overdue. Routine cleaning is very good for your health overall so I decided to go. I felt the whole office was doing all they had to and beyond to minimize the threat of spread. I was impressed with the measures they are taking to ensure safety for all. I felt very confident and comfortable going to them and wanted to share my very positive experience. Thank you!

  • Jul 06, 2020 by Sandy DeLong

    I had my teeth cleaned, Sandy did an Excellent job and was pleasant and professional, I felt very safe at Camarillo smiles with all the Personal protection equipment and Covid protocol.

  • Jun 30, 2020 by Howard Miles

    Unfortunately for me, I’ve been to many Dental offices in my life. CAMARILLO SMILES is by far the best!

  • Jun 25, 2020 by Tascha Herbruck

    Love this dental office!!! They provide the best care ever, cleanliness is beyond expectations, now that they are open post quarantine

  • Jun 23, 2020 by Wendy Herren

    My experiences at Camarillo Smiles are always enjoyable. People don't usually describe the dentist's office as being enjoyable, but from the friendly office staff to the caring hygentist to the knowledgeable doctors, everyone is always so pleasant to interact with. They do everything they can to make sure you are comfortable the entire time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for their 'right dentist.' I have found mine!

  • Jun 12, 2020 by idalmy

    It’s always such a great experience going for my regular check ups. I’ve even recently referred a friend because I have so much trust in Camarillo Smiles. From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed and taken good care of.

  • Jun 09, 2020 by shanna speer

    Came in for emergency dental visit. The staff was so polite, helpful and explained multiple options on what I should expect. I have a another visit tomorrow and I'm relieved after the procedure was explained to me, that I can rest easy, knowing I'm in good hands.-SS

  • Jun 08, 2020 by Samuel Feola

    Lauren was the best dental hygienist I have ever had. She loves her job and it shows. She explained every procedure she did and was very thorough with details. Thanks for a great job!

  • Jun 05, 2020 by Karen Emery

    Camarillo Smiles is my go to when my teeth need help. They are kind, gentle, polite, and do a beautiful job. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they all are. Thank you Camarillo Smiles.

    I needed help during the lock down. There was a quick reply to my call for help. All precautions were in place to keep safe free me the virus during my visit.

    Later a scheduled teeth cleaning was done gently with even more precautions put in place. Cass did a great job. Thank you Camarillo Smiles. Number one Dentist office and staff in my book. Thank you.

  • Jun 02, 2020 by tim chung

    Camarillo smiles is always using the latest information from conferences to ensure patients get the best care for their teeth. I’ve been going to this dental office for 20 years and have always had a positive experience.

  • May 30, 2020 by Karen Latunski

    Camarillo Smiles have done a superb job in making me feel safe as well as comfortable. I was very impressed with Dr. Rebekah and staff. Looking forward to going back.

  • May 27, 2020 by Demerol

    First time here. Didn't hurt when he gave me the shot and it didn't hurt when he pulled the tooth. He even came in earlier then normal to accommodate my schedule. All the staff was friendly. I will definitely be returning.

  • May 12, 2020 by Cass Gutierres

    Great experience always with Dr. Brett Egelske. Shared some laughs and he got me out of pain in no time. Excellent dentistry!

  • May 05, 2020 by Karen Emery

    Camarillo Smiles is my go to when my teeth need help. They are kind, gentle, polite, and do a beautiful job. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they all are. Thank you Camarillo Smiles.

  • Mar 09, 2020 by L C

    I finally found a dental office I can bring my family and recommend to friends. Through the years I have always been cautious with conservative dentists vs ones who recommend high priced options, and over the top treatment.
    Camarillo Smiles are friendly staff overall. My cleaning was a painless experience, and my treatment was honest! The front office is clear on charges and insurance coverage which is very important for anyone’s budget. I would highly recommend!

  • Mar 05, 2020 by Rosemary Chavoya

    Cass (hygienist) is great! She listens and takes a patients input to provide the highest quality service. I’m not a fan of Novocain and when I told her this, she Used a different method to numb me and I feel terrific! No more droopy lip or incoherent sentences. I highly recommend this practice!

  • Feb 28, 2020 by Mary Valdivieso

    This was my second visit as after the first, I figured that I would give it another try but both visits made me feel like it was a constant up sell. There is a questionnaire as a new patient that asks how you feel about the appearance of your teeth and I noted that I’m happy yet I was suggested braces, retainer and or whitening by every single person who’d seen me. It felt too sales-y.

  • Feb 20, 2020 by Tony Likovich III

    I always have a great experience here. All of the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. During my visit today, my oral hygienist explained a lot of causes/effects regarding oral health that I didn’t realize, particularly restricted airways and the importance of tooth alignment beyond cosmetic benefits.

    They have recently installed a machine that scans your head in less than a minute, and it provides a detailed 3D model of your mouth. The model is able to accurately show you different areas of your mouth, such as cavities, sinuses, resting tongue position, etc. It greatly enhanced my understanding of oral health, and areas to focus on beyond brushing and flossing my teeth.

    I love Camarillo Smiles and will keep coming back as long as they’re around!

  • Feb 06, 2020 by Rikki Gonzalez

    Friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff. Explained everything well and why it was being done. I’ve had bad experiences with other dentist in the past, and confidently say that Camarillo Smiles is by far the best place I’ve been in many many years.

  • Feb 06, 2020 by Pamela Thompson

    Great office. Keeps up to date with all the new treatments. My family has been coming here for years. Highly recommended.

  • Jan 27, 2020 by Rubi Garcia

    If you are looking for a really great dentist that not only takes care of you but answers all of your questions throughly you found the right place. Dr. Ehde is amazing. She went above and beyond for my son today. I am so grateful that I came in. She is such a caring human being. I am forever sending everybody I know to go see her. I am really happy.

  • Jan 02, 2020 by Gilbert Gomez

    I has such a great experience at Camarillo Smiles. I was recommended by my niece and she said I would love it and I did. Everyone there are very nice people. I recommend this Dental Office to everyone. Excellent Dental Office.

  • Dec 27, 2019 by Gilbert Gomez

    I has such a great experience at Camarillo Smiles. I was recommended by my niece and she said I would love it and I did. Everyone there are very nice people. I recommend this Dental Office to everyone. Excellent Dental Office.

  • Dec 26, 2019 by Gilbert G.

    This is the first time I have written a yelp review for anyone, but it is very deserving. I had nothing, but great experience seeing Dr. Brett Egelske. His team was great. Sandy (Hygienist) did a great job explaining everything that she was doing and listening to what I had to say. She kept me calm during my appointment and answered all of my questions. After seeing many different dentists I can say that Dr. Brett Egelske and his team are the best I have seen and I will continue to go there and would highly recommend them to anyone 100%. Note: I was recommended by my niece ALEJANDRA GONZALEZ : )

  • Dec 11, 2019 by Alex Reyes

    I came here today after not having been to the dentist in a while. Everyone was very friendly and so informative! You can tell they really care about you and your health. They did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and the office was very clean. A very pleasant dentist experience.

  • Dec 03, 2019 by Kristine Borchard

    My son can be anxious in new places, and with new people. It was his first time at Camarillo Smiles. They were wonderful with him and worked extra hard to make the experience as fun and pleasant as possible.

  • Nov 19, 2019 by naomiga95 .

    I’m a new patient and I had to make an emergency appointment because one of my fillings cracked over the weekend, they gave me an appointment right away with Dr.Edhe, she was amazing! The office staff is great!! 100% recommend

  • Nov 18, 2019 by Jen Price

    Dr Ehdy is amazing. I am highly sensitive to dental work of all kinds. Dr Ehdy takes the time to prepare, explain, and delicately perform any dental procedure needed. - from simple teeth cleaning to replacing a filling. Thank you for making an extremely stressful process a piece of cake!

  • Oct 31, 2019 by Kat Wyneken

    My family has been coming here for almost 20 years. Absolutely love them! So helpful... so accommodating... and so very very gentle.

  • Oct 24, 2019 by Notka D

    Love my hygienist Case, she is the best. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you

  • Oct 23, 2019 by Olga Gabrie

    This office is very professional and thorough. They take their time while doing all their preliminary findings. The Dr. Is very passionate and caring. Would highly recommend them.

  • Oct 15, 2019 by Sunny Alexander

    I can’t speak highly enough about Camarillo Smiles. From the moment I walked in, I was made to feel welcomed and at ease. My hygienist is thorough and gentle. There are several dentists in this office and while I can decide who I want to see, I have never been disappointed. If I was to select an overall quality, I would say dentistry with compassion.

  • Oct 10, 2019 by Alyssa S.

    Very disappointed with my experience at Camarillo Smiles. I am a new resident to Camarillo and was looking for a dentist office close by for a cleaning. I called the office to A. make an appointment and B. make sure they accepted my insurance (those were the first words I said in the initial phone call) they asked for the insurance company, policy number, occupation (strange question- never been asked that before) and proceeded to schedule my appointment for the upcoming Friday. They then contacted me two more times asking for the exact same information that they originally asked - Insurance company, policy information, occupation (mind you- This happened the day before my scheduled appointment, meaning they procrastinated in calling the company) and then called me at 4pm the day prior to my appointment saying they just contacted my insurance company and it was out of their district. Not only should Camarillo Smiles have handled this the same day I called to schedule the appointment, but they were extremely inconsiderate of my schedule. I would have made an appointment elsewhere instead of wasting a week of my time. The same company that likely charges a cancellation fee if not notified 24 hours in advance.. Since moving out of state to Camarillo, every other doctors office here has called my insurance company and verified whether they accept it or not SAME DAY. Whereas Camarillo Smiles waited 5 days, gave me less than 24 hour notice, and tried blaming it on my insurance company. Unprofessional and lazy in my opinion. Don't waste your time with an office that doesn't value yours. 1 star.

  • Sep 19, 2019 by Mike Margolin

    Good explanation of everything that was being done. Took time to answer questions. I had to be done at a certain time and they were aware of that and got me out promptly.

  • Sep 13, 2019 by the gaming man awsome

    These guys were fantastic!!!!!! My son is 10 and was scared. They made it fun and explained to him everything they were doing. The also let him watch Disney channel ( that was the best he says)

  • Sep 10, 2019 by jacquelyn valles

    The staff at Camarillo Smiles provides great service. My hygienist Jenny is knowledgeable, and she does an amazing job. I highly recommend their services.

  • Sep 06, 2019 by Thomas B.

    Best dentistry in the world! Such good service and good vibes! Highly talented,  I recommend to everyone!

  • Sep 01, 2019 by John Saad

    Location is easy to access. Staff are professional and extremely courteous. Lainey runs a fabulous office and is involved, engaged, and very approachable. I am a surgery director and highly critical. This office is excellent!

  • Aug 27, 2019 by Kylie Wilson

    Maretta is the best hygienist I’ve ever had! I actually look forward to going when I used to dread it in the past. Super friendly staff and doctors and they accommodated me really well since I’m in a wheelchair. They also had checked my insurance ahead of time so I knew what was covered and what would be out of pocket. Highly recommend going to Camarillo Smiles!

  • Aug 27, 2019 by Kylie Wilson

    Maretta is the best hygienist I’ve ever had! I actually look forward to going when I used to dread it in the past. Super friendly staff and doctors and they accommodated me really well since I’m in a wheelchair. They also had checked my insurance ahead of time so I knew what was covered and what would be out of pocket. Highly recommend going to Camarillo Smiles!

  • Aug 27, 2019 by Kylie W.

    Maretta is the best hygienist I've ever had! I actually look forward to going when I used to dread it in the past. Super friendly staff and doctors and they accommodated me really well since I'm in a wheelchair. They also had checked my insurance ahead of time so I knew what was covered and what would be out of pocket. Highly recommend going to Camarillo Smiles!

  • Aug 08, 2019 by Stacey D

    Be ready for an excellent experience. I love the fact that you can book your appointment online and if you have questions, you can text them, and someone will get right back to you right away. The moment you walk through the door, you are greeted with a big smile. Everyone from the front office staff, to the hygentist and dentists are kind and professional.This is the perfect dental office for those with dental anxiety. Thank you, Camarillo smiles!

  • Aug 06, 2019 by Terry Shepersky

    Pretty much painless dentistry. They worked hard to squeeze me in as soon as possible to fix my bridge. Everything is working great so far. Thanks

  • Jul 30, 2019 by Jennifer DeCarolis

    Lori was so gentle and explained every procedure before doing it. I hadn't been to the dentist in years. It wasn't the pain I was afraid of it was the embarrassment. Lori couldn't have made me feel more comfortable and relaxed.
    Thank you!!

  • Jul 26, 2019 by Sharon Blanchard

    Very friendly. Made me feel at ease.
    Sandy is very knowable and explained
    What she was doing. I would recommend
    Them to everyone

  • Jul 19, 2019 by julie carton

    Excellent service! I got in right on my appointment time. Very knowledgeable dentist and will definitely be returning.

  • Jun 19, 2019 by Christian Ayala

    Amazing staff! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable! Very helpful explained in detail about your treatment plan and possible options. Have the newest technology for your teeth which give you a good picture of what’s really going on with your teeth. Would recommend them for any of your dental needs!

  • Jun 15, 2019 by David A

    Went in for a teeth cleaning. Staff is extremely friendly and was greeted as soon as I walked in. I didn't wait long to be called in. The dental hygienist, Addy, did an excellent job cleaning my teeth, A++ work. I felt like someone hadn't cleaned my teeth this well before. I will be coming to them regularly for my check ups.

  • Jun 05, 2019 by A R.

    Everyone here is always so nice! I've gone in about 4 times and they never fail to greet and help me almost instantly. I was nervous about having a new dentist after mine retired but I'm definitely happy with my choice!

  • May 31, 2019 by Janelle Andrews

    So far I really like this office and the staff. Clean and my dentist did excellent work and they have been very accommodating with scheduling appts. I highly recommend coming here.

  • May 31, 2019 by Oats & Ivy Farm

    We love Dr. Ede and the entire staff at Camarillo Smiles. Going to the dentist can be a pleasant and even positive experience. I never knew that before coming here

  • May 30, 2019 by Francis T

    Wonderful place to go to get your regular cleaning. Everyone is just so friendly and they do a great job! Quick story to show you how cool this place is... Wife couldn't find a sitter to watch the baby during one of her scheduled appointments and called to move the appointment. They told her to come in anyways and one of the sweet ladys up front watched our baby and even got him to take a nap. Seriously... this team is the BEST!

  • May 23, 2019 by indosmoke6801

    Phenomenal experience! The staff is so incredibly welcoming. Treat you like family and explain every procedure every step of the way. Very professional. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  • Apr 21, 2019 by Tom C.

    I am so afraid of dentists I'm allergic. However, the whole of Camarillo Smiles puts me at ease. Dr. Czubiak is the kindest, most gentle dentist I have ever met. The moment I walked into the building I felt as if I were at home. Throughout the entire practice there is a sense of calm where you feel everyone there wants to be there. It is truly amazing.

  • Apr 02, 2019 by Jennifer Watts

    Everyone was so nice and made me feel so welcomed! I am so happy I decided to come to Camarillo smiles! They make me want to keep coming to the dentist!:) I have been wanting a dentist where everyone is so nice and you feel so comfortable thank you so much!!! I am so blessed that I finally found that place! I will recommend this place to everyone I know

  • Mar 26, 2019 by Isabella Sagely

    I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. I love having Maretta clean my teeth because she always does such a good job effortlessly. She also has such a lively personality and genuinely seems interested about what’s going on in my life. Not only do I feel she cares about me, she really cares about my teeth!

  • Mar 14, 2019 by Jane L.

    My husband visited here late January, Super efficient service, very attentive and reasonably priced. No one likes going to a dntist but they made this a great experience.

  • Mar 12, 2019 by Olivia Swift

    The moment I walked into the office everyone was SO sweet. Before I could introduce myself, the front desk receptionist greeted me. The hygienist that cleaned my teeth was adorable and so nice. I usually don’t do well with cleanings as I’ve found them to be painful, but she did an amazing job at keeping me comfortable while still thoroughly cleaning my teeth and gums. By far the most hospitable office I have ever walked into and I will definitely keep going back.

  • Feb 23, 2019 by Ashley Utts

    Love Camarillo Smiles! Everyone is so nice and they also all do a great job. I like that you can book your appointments online. Lastly, I love Lauren. She’s so sweet and so personable.

  • Feb 20, 2019 by Mary Arnett

    I always have a great experience at Camarillo Smiles. From the ladies at the front desk to the techs and dentists working on my teeth, everybody is pleasant and helpful. The staff at Camarillo Smiles make a typically zero-fun experience much less terrible with their kindness and positive chair-side manner.

  • Feb 12, 2019 by Trisha Wymer

    Everyone is so nice at Camarillo Smiles. They make you feel very comfortable. Not only were they fantastic with my son but they were able to give me helpful advice to help better his habits.

  • Feb 08, 2019 by Connie Cervera

    I always enjoy going to Camarillo Smiles and have for over 20 years. Lori is a great dental hygienist; I feel like I'm visiting with a friend. I'm always greeted with smiles and your name truly reflects how I feel going to my appointments. Thank you!

  • Feb 08, 2019 by Morgan Michelson

    This office is fantastic and made me feel at ease upon entering. The dental work was great and the entire staff is very helpful and friendly. In addition, my teeth feel amazing. Thank you!

  • Jan 30, 2019 by Janice Rivera

    I love Camarillo Smiles as my dental office of choice. The dental hygienists are excellent and I feel great when I leave. They are all positive and helpful. If you have issues with your dental health they always provide options and suggestions to help. The dentists are nice as well but I don’t see them as often as I do the hygienists.

  • Jan 25, 2019 by Andrew Fabbro

    First time going to the dentist in a long time. I had a very bad toothache. Camarillo Smiles was recommended to me by a friend. Dr. Holiday performed the work and was very nice. She was gentle and did a great job along with the nurse. I had two teeth filled and will have two more done in a couple weeks. They did a great job explaining what they were going to do and why they were suggesting it. The office staff was very nice and helpful. Addy the dental hygienist was nice as well. Everyone did a great job and I am very pleased. Their office was nice and comforting as well. Would recommend them to friends and family for sure. I have multiple appointments set up with them to get my teeth in better shape as my teeth had some issues.

  • Jan 25, 2019 by Tess Roussin

    I really love Camarillo Smiles! The staff is all SO friendly and helpful, it makes a huge difference to have a happy and capable staff. I moved to Sherman Oaks and I continue to go to Camarillo Smiles for my appointments because I am so happy with the service they give.

    Mona is my hygienist and a large reason as to why I continue to go there. Mona always takes care of me, is on time, and genuinely cares for my wellbeing.

    I would recommend Camarillo Smiles to anyone!

  • Jan 25, 2019 by mike ballerini

    Great experience! Hygienist was knowledgeable and really good at going easy on a couple of sensitive areas. Dr. Ehde was thorough and informative, I highly recommend this group!

  • Jan 25, 2019 by Andrew F.

    First time going to the dentist in a long time. I had a very bad toothache. Camarillo Smiles was recommended to me by a friend. Dr. Holiday performed the work and was very nice. She was gentle and did a great job along with the nurse. I had two teeth filled and will have two more done in a couple weeks. They did a great job explaining what they were going to do and why they were suggesting it. The office staff was very nice and helpful. Addy the dental hygienist was nice as well. Everyone did a great job and I am very pleased. Their office was nice and comforting as well. Would recommend them to friends and family for sure. I have multiple appointments set up with them to get my teeth in better shape as my teeth had some issues. Fair pricing as well. I have dental insurance but was scared it was going to cost way more than I could afford. They were up front about prices and possible issues they might run into while repairing my teeth and prices for additional work. Very pleased with their practice and everyone in staff was great.

  • Jan 23, 2019 by Mike B.

    This was the most professional and knowledgeable staff I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  I was really blown away.  The hygienist had a lot of good advice and really knew what she was doing.  Dr. Ehde really impressed me, after looking my situation over she told me exactly what I had been experiencing and gave me three good options.  Very very impressed with this practice!

  • Jan 16, 2019 by Mercedes Brennan

    Honest dentistry is something I appreciate immensely especially after many past dentists who unfailingly found “cavities” at every visit. Since going here, they have only found 2 cavities in a 14 year span. Personable, patient and upbeat, the Czubiak office cannot be beat.

  • Jan 14, 2019 by Chelsea Davy

    Camarillo Smiles is the best! The service there is all around excellent from the moment you are greeted at the door to the moment you leave. I started going there after the great deal they gave me on invisalign. I used to go to a different dentist, but I was so impressed with Camarillo Smiles that I switched over to them for my cleanings as well. Thank you to all of the Camarillo Smiles staff for always making my trips to the dentist a pleasant experience.

  • Jan 07, 2019 by Kate Torrence

    Dr Czubiak is such a great dentist. He believes in what he does and looks at keeping your teeth healthy for life.
    The office is also warm and friendly.

  • Dec 27, 2018 by Leon Palmisano

    They have wonderful dentists and staff. We drive 100 miles each way for our appointments. They are worth the drive.

  • Dec 21, 2018 by Sonny Chung

    Lauren is the best. Every time I go to CAmarillo smiles, I get my teeth cleaned and my health check up. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. At the same time, I don’t want to give about too many secrets or I’ll Never be able to book an appointment with her.

  • Dec 21, 2018 by Angela K.

    I have been to several of the dentists and hygienists here. Every single one of them has been PATRONIZING and UNABLE TO FOLLOW SIMPLE REQUESTS. Things like...please tell me what you're going to do before you do it...they won't even listen to that. Save yourself the aggravation and go somewhere else.

  • Dec 15, 2018 by Kim Browman

    Always love coming here for my dental visits. Love the dentists, and staff. This particular visit I was in incredible pain. I was seen by Dr. Ebde not sure of spelling and she was absolutely wonderful. I needed a complex root canal, she referred me to a specialist and went above and beyond to make an appointment for me and inquire if they take my insurance. She’s wonderful, a class act, caring.

  • Dec 13, 2018 by Karen Morton

    For the past 6 years, my husband and I have been traveling 200 miles each way for our appointments at Camarillo Smiles. Since 1989, it has been the best dental office on the planet. Worth every mile.

  • Nov 05, 2018 by Mary Martin

    The best dentist I have been to in my life! The staff are smart, kind, and thorough. I always feel like they are giving me their full attention and are never rushing out the door to get to their next appointment. Dr. Czubiak is full of knowledge and goes beyond his responsibilities as a dentist to make recommendations that he believes will improve my quality of life (for example, having a sleep study done). Highly recommend!

  • Oct 29, 2018 by Estela Warren

    I LOVE MONA!! She is so thorough, kind and professional. I always enjoy having my teeth cleaned by her. I love her sense of humor!
    She always make me smile. Looking forward to my next cleaning.

  • Oct 28, 2018 by d s

    Cass is great, always encouraging me to find ways to take care of my teeth and gums.
    Communication from the office is bad. No one reminded me the whitening trays were ready when I was there. In fact, no one called me when they were ready. I called to ask after a long time passed.

  • Oct 11, 2018 by Leslie Kerby

    This office is friendly and professional but also very understanding and sensitive to clients needs, like myself who has a hard time with dental work. Great people working there.

  • Oct 05, 2018 by Erik R.

    I HATE going to the dentist, and unfortunately I have had to visit too many in my life.  Dr. Ehde has changed my opinion on dental appointments.  Her superb chairside manner combined with her professional knowledge and sincere caring for her patient's well-being and dental health make her the best dentist I have ever been to.  I will be her patient for life (or until she gets tired of my bad jokes LOL).  I highly recommend Dr. Ehde and the entire Camarillo Smiles team to anybody who is looking for a dentist. Erik Rader, pleased patient

  • Sep 14, 2018 by Liz DeMello

    I walked in this morning without an appointment because I cracked a tooth. Camarillo Smiles squeezed me in, had the doctor look at my tooth and gave me an estimate for treatment all within about 30 minutes. Longtime customer and I highly recommend. Love their staff! Gary was great. Bravo Camarillo Smiles

  • Sep 05, 2018 by Canis Lupus

    Good service and really nice people. The staff will work with you even if you develop an unexpected problem that needs immediate attention. Every time a good experience, great attention to detail. Always satisfied with the result. I have been using Cam Smiles for many years and I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a quality dental work.

  • Sep 05, 2018 by Fong W.

    Been to this dental clinic 3 times since I moved to this area a year, and each time was a great experience, I always feel relax and comfortable whenever I come to my dental appoint here, it felt like having a "dental spa" for me, no kidding! Dr. Ehde is indeed one of the best dentists I'd ever seen so far, professional, passionate and made things easy to understand. The hygienist Katty is by far the best hygienist I'd ever been serviced at any dental offices as I can recall, patience, skillful and extremely friendly! All other staff in the office are really professional, and extremely gentle and nice. All in all, this is the place I'd definitely and highly recommend to my folks who need the dental service needs, two thumbs up!

  • Sep 01, 2018 by Melissa Y.

    Awesome dentists here. Both my son and I who's 5 come here and have loved our experiences. everyone is super kind and thorough and they take their time to really explain to you all procedures and make you feel comfortable about what's happening. The office staff is also terrific and really friendly when you get there and they do a great job with billing and explaining all of your charges and insurance.

  • Aug 30, 2018 by Tom Catalano

    I have the great fortune to consider myself more than a patient. I am a Camarillo Smiles family member. What’s special about Dr. Czubiak and his entire staff is that I became a family member that first day in 1989. I feel this way not only because of how I was, and continue to be treated, but also because I know I will always be treated with the most cutting edge technically sound methods available.

    Oh, it’s also because I have never ever met a more gentle, light handed dentist in all my years. Even the most fearful patient will leave the office amazed. Honest!

  • Aug 24, 2018 by Colin Brown

    I’ve used 4 different dentists in while living in Camarillo and smiles is by far the best. Very friendly, very nice, and they do great work. Fantastic hygienists and dentists. I can’t recommend them enough.

  • Aug 24, 2018 by Edward Teach-McCloud

    They all are very kind and inviting. I normally hate going to the dentist but I enjoy coming here. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful always willing to answer my questions. The hygienist are great very entertaining and gentle on my teeth. I recommend Camarillo Smiles!

  • Aug 06, 2018 by Dana N.

    I am one of those - OH GOD I HAVE TO GO TO THE DENTIST types....I think if I had been to see Dr. Czubiak and his staff earlier in my life I would have felt very differently.  They are simply awesome.  I had extensive work done.  They were understanding of my anxiety and did not make me feel foolish - which relieved some of the initial anxiety.  I trusted them immediately.   The procedure was painless (yes, really).  They made me very comfortable, to the point I spent quite a bit of my time laughing (not from gas- which much to my surprise I didn't need).   i have seen a few of the dentists in this group and all have been wonderful.  I urge anyone who needs a great dentist - and would like to start going to the dentist without fear,  go to Camarillo Smiles.

  • Jul 28, 2018 by Edgar Perez

    We recently switched dentist and took our kids for their first dental appointment. The entire staff is great with kids and made sure to make their first visit as relaxing as possible. Dr. Daniel was fantastic and didn't try to over treat my teeth like my previous dentist.

  • Jul 25, 2018 by Alison Davenport

    I just got my teeth cleaned with Lauren and she is simply the best dental hygienist! This is my third time at Camarillo Smiles and I am so happy with all my experiences. The dentists are great!

  • Jul 12, 2018 by Steven Reints

    This is a great office. Everyone you come in contact with are all so nice. They get you right in and follow-up when it's needed. Both Mike and Dr. E are great dentists. I've been going there for many years.

  • Jul 12, 2018 by Ashley Edling

    The staff are sweet and welcoming. They truly care about their patients. Dr. Rebekah Ehde is amazing!! She goes above and teeth have never felt so great!

  • Jul 12, 2018 by Rocky Mobley

    My driver showed incredible thoughtfulness, she let me know one of my ordered items was not in stock and took care of the refund immediately. What a timely and extremely pleasant service!

  • Jul 11, 2018 by Carly Brown

    I love coming to Camarillo Smiles the staff at the front desk is always super friendly and helpful. Lauren is the dental hygienist I always see and she always makes my visits carefree and actually takes the time to ask me about Day and how things are going. The cleanings are not painful and the doctors are very well qualified. Highly recommend!

  • Jul 10, 2018 by Kendra Atkins

    They are always so friendly when I come in. They recognize me every time and treat me like family. I would never go to another dentist office for any reason! Thank you Camarillo Smiles for being so amazing!

  • Jul 06, 2018 by Alicia Turitz

    Front desk staff are kind, warm, and professional as are the hygienists and dentists. Very nice atmosphere and state of the art facility.

  • Jun 28, 2018 by Milena Krause

    Always a great experience by all the staff! Kids love coming here as do we! Good feeling to leave w a smile and slippery clean teeth!

  • Jun 20, 2018 by cathy olson

    I love going to Camarillo smiles! The staff is personable and they have great coffee!

  • Jun 19, 2018 by E Pozzi

    Very friendly office staff.
    Very friendly, kind and caring hygienist.
    Very clean and high tech office.
    Doctor was very thorough and gave detailed explanations.

  • Jun 13, 2018 by Martin Nichols

    Was give an immediate appointment for calling about minor tooth discomfort. Nice and welcoming service. Succinct work and clear explanation.

  • Jun 06, 2018 by Christina Kahn

    This is an amazing dental practice to be associated with. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and considerate!I smile as I walk into and out of the door.

  • Jun 01, 2018 by Will F

    This is the dentist's office your dentist goes to. I only gave them 5 stars because 10 isn't an option. Were customers for life.

  • May 30, 2018 by ashley eash

    Switched dentist to go here from a recommendation and have not been disappointed! Never leave me sitting in the waiting room or in the chair. Super friendly and you can text them which is great for my busy life

  • May 29, 2018 by Glen Cunningham

    Been going to Camarillo Smiles for years for top notch dental care. A well run dental office with with excellent dentists and friendly, knowledgable, and highly capable staff.

  • May 26, 2018 by Shaun Denney

    Dr. Edhe was amazing with my 5 year old. She was able to keep her entertained and informed with what was going on. The staff is so nice and this Dental office :)

  • Feb 01, 2018 by Tracy B.

    Dr. Edie at Camarillo Smiles I just went through an entire dental process that is tough and takes a lot of work. Dr. Edie from Camarillo Smiles has been so remarkable to see me as many times as necessary to make this work for me. Thank you Dr. Edie for your patience as well as tenacity. A fab dentist!!!

  • Jan 30, 2018 by Jim H.

    Camarillo smiles is by far the best Dentist office for my family and myself ! Dr Czubiak is great ! They make you feel welcomed and comfortable every time ! The hygienists there are the best ! This is a place I would recommend to everyone !

  • Jan 17, 2018 by Karyn Locke

    Mike makes sure you are comfortable throughout the process and his skills are top notch! The office staff is very friendly and professional making the whole experience very pleasant. Two thumbs up for this dental practice!

  • Jan 16, 2018 by Bud Jenman

    Every staff member is very professional. The text/email reminders are very helpful. And, Dr. Edhe is amazing. She laid out a treatment plan and is executing it in spite of my attempted interference.

  • Jan 11, 2018 by Alicia Turitz

    Front desk staff are kind, warm, and professional as are the hygienists and dentists. Very nice atmosphere and state of the art facility.

  • Jan 03, 2018 by Kirsten Kent

    Dr. Czubiak and his staff are the perfect balance of preventative and conservative care. I feel their sincerity through their service. They want what is best for their patients and their patient's teeth.

  • Dec 29, 2017 by Anja S.

    Had an appointment with Dr. Czubiak for a Crown. Been going to him for years. Amazes me every time that the entire procedure is pain free. Did not even feel the numbing shot. No pain or discomfort after. Anyone looking for a new Dentist or looking to switch this is the place to go.

  • Dec 21, 2017 by Helene S.

    Great place to have your teeth serviced.  Yes, they have a great sense of humor which calms me down before before the great drill begins to turn.   Dr. Mike is the best especially for a chicken like myself Rob Sollett Camarillo

  • Dec 13, 2017 by Kevin C.

    Awesome experience, every time.  This from a guy who generally does not enjoy going to the dentist!

  • Dec 08, 2017 by Morton Cook

    Absolutely the best dental office I've ever been to. The staff is friendly and very professional. Hey, it doesn't get any better than this!!

  • Dec 05, 2017 by Jan Watling

    Went in today after having tooth extraction a week ago. All Dr.'s there knew I had a bad week and were very supportive. The hygienist was especially gentle and I greatly appreciated her caring touch. Dr. Czubiak assured me the extraction site was healing well, whatever pain I was having should continue to decrease. It's always nice to see familiar, caring faces. Thank you! Couldn't ask for better care.

  • Dec 05, 2017 by Todd B.

    This place continues to AMAZE me the caring skilled people go above and beyond the call of duty. If you're looking for a new dentist this team has your covered!

  • Nov 21, 2017 by Shane S.

    Over the past 20+ years, I've had to change primary doctors numerous times for a variety of reasons, but the one constant in my health care stable has been my dentist, Dr. Czubiak. Continuity of care is desirable but hard to maintain these days, and I feel lucky to have found a dentist office that has grown so much during that time, not only providing services for an increasing number of patients but also keeping current with technology and being able to provide an increasing number of quality services. But what really stands out is the staff that this office attracts and the vibe they put forth. Even though they have grown so much, I am almost always welcomed by familiar faces that greet me by name. Months could have passed since my last visit but conversation picks up right where we left off, and Dr. Czubiak rarely tells me the same joke twice. The fact that they remember previous conversations makes me feel like they actually care, and aren't just going thru the motions and making idle chit-chat. Turnover of the staff is low which makes me think people enjoy working here, and it shows. Questions are patiently answered, smiles and laughter abound, and your comfort is always a concern. Sure, I've run across the occasional Nazi hygienist, but mention it at the front desk and they will make sure to not schedule you with them again. Problem solved. I try hard to find reasons for an excuse to not go to the dentist on a regular basis but the care here is, dare I say, enjoyable and I don't regret scheduling my next appointment. Damn, these guys are good! :)

  • Nov 14, 2017 by Jan Watling

    The staff at Camarillo Smiles-teeth are caring and we'll versed in dealing with dental issues. From the friendly greeting to the take home goodies, each person gives great service and treatments. I've been coming here to Dr, Czubiak and his colleagues for over 25 years; I travel from Los Angeles now for their winning service!

  • Nov 07, 2017 by Sol C.

    Six stars on a five star scale. Best science and technology and a great staff. A happy place

  • Nov 02, 2017 by Meghann S.

    Love Camarillo smiles! Front staff, dentists and hygienists are the best! Everyone is friendly and experienced!

  • Oct 27, 2017 by Savvy P.

    I cannot sing Dr. Daniel's praises enough. He is kind, warm and understanding. I actually look forward to going to the dentist! My experience is always beyond pleasant and I appreciate that he doesn't push unnecessary procedures.

  • Oct 23, 2017 by Vicki P.

    Dr Czubiak and his staff are exceptional! I had to get a crown on one of my front teeth and the lab that made the actual crown did not match the color very well. Dr Czubiak had a whole new crown made and even sent me to a different lab to have a custom color done. Dr Czubiak made sure that I was completely satisfied and happy with the results! I'm very impressed with Dr Czubiak's professional ethic, his great humor and sincerity. The staff is equally friendly and caring. I would highly recommend.

  • Oct 17, 2017 by Ron U.

    Very good service. Excellent care of me and my mouth. My Mona, myj hygienist even checks my lymph nodes or any other ilregulalties thay may on involve my neck. She is very thorough on checking every tooth in my mouth, the gums and the surrounding area of my mouth.  I've had many other hygienist while at Camarillo Smiles and all of them were very good. The check in staff are cursious and very pleasant. The office and exams rooms are always clean and comfortable to be in. It's like the people st Camarillo Smiles never have a bad day or they leave their problem aside when I am around.

  • Oct 11, 2017 by Karyn Locke

    Mike makes sure you are comfortable throughout the process and his skills are top notch! The office staff is very friendly and professional making the whole experience very pleasant. Two thumbs up for this dental practice. Once you come here, you will never need to look dor another dentist again!

  • Oct 10, 2017 by Gianangelo I.

    I've never been a fan of the dentist and it showed. When I finally decided to take the leap to do Invisalign, I did A LOT of research. Finally, I settled with Camarillo Smiles / Dr. Ehde. I could not be happier now that my treatment is complete! Dr. Ehde, the front office and back office team are AMAZING! All very sweet, upbeat ladies who are great at their professions. Dr. Ehde is detailed, flexible with your life schedule and just an overall pleasure. Thank you Dr. Ehde and the entire Camarillo Smiles team. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Sep 27, 2017 by Susan S.

    I ask a lot of questions.  Dr. Ehed answered every one in thoughtful detail, and she was not in a rush, even though it was the end of the day.  I learned so much, I felt like I had just taken a class on the newest research in dental care and health care in general.  Health care and health education at the same time.  That is my kind of dental care!

  • Sep 15, 2017 by Dorothy Beauchamp

    Dr. Czubiak makes sure his staff learns the latest information on teeth/body health. He and his hygienist Lauren listen, share information, and make the visit a pleasure. Staff members are all friendly and helpful.

  • Sep 01, 2017 by Annie L.

    Camarillo Smiles have the best educated and experience dentists and staff. They have been very capable at handling my complex dental needs and have succeeded at improving the health of my teeth and gums.  I would have a difficult time going anywhere else.

  • Aug 25, 2017 by Chris Garville

    Wonderful as always. The staff is cheerful. My cleaning was great and (yikes, forgot her name) was terrific!!

    I'm am not kidding, this is the best dentist in the world. So if you need dental care, this is where you want to come!

  • Aug 18, 2017 by Jeanette D.

    On 8/17/17    I had a repair of a front tooth, which needed a new filling. I had not had a filling for many years and was a bit apprehensive; but Dr. Daniel did a great job, was super gentle, patiently explained everything, and--along with Sarah--made my visit very pleasant!

  • Aug 14, 2017 by Esgtela W.

    I had a great experience at Camarillo Smiles.  Mona was my hygenist. She was very caring about my oral and over all health.  Her caring and thorough cleaning was above and beyond my expectations. Loved her!!  Dr. Daniel was also very pleasant and took the time to address my concerns.  I would recommend them to anyone seeking quality dental care.

  • Aug 08, 2017 by Mystro A.

    I felt well taken care of at my first visit to Camarillo Smiles recently.  The hygienist and dentist were both very thorough and friendly.  The reason I took a star off was because of the sales pitches they both gave about needing to buy a water pick, I would benefit from teeth whitening, and that I need a retainer so my teeth don't shift.  Well, they haven't shifted in over 25 years, so... Lay off the sales and you'd get 5 stars.  And if you just can't lay off, don't have the dentist repeat the same pitch that I've already heard from the hygienist.   The office staff for sure gets 5 stars.  They are friendly and helpful and very professional.  I might be back.

  • Aug 07, 2017 by Jess C.

    Dr.Daniel goes above and beyond. I had some specific times lines to meet and some challenging procedures that needed to be done. Bottom line is he is a top notch professional! All of the staff -  extremely kind and helpful. Would highly recommend Camarillo Smiles.

  • Aug 02, 2017 by Kristin Calabrese

    I have been going to Camarillo Smiles for years and always receive top-notch service. The staff is communicative and friendly and the atmosphere is very calming and comforting. Both of my children are patients too; our family has been very happy and we highly recommend this office for your dental needs.

  • Aug 02, 2017 by Chauntelle C.

    Love Camarillo smiles - it's like the Cheers of dentistry! Everyone knows your name and they're always glad you came!

  • Jul 27, 2017 by Linda B.

    Camarillo smiles I think is the best dentist office I've ever been to.  Dr. Czubiak is just super nice. Everyone that works there has this great smile and make you feel welcome

  • Jun 28, 2017 by Holly H.

    Another great experience at Dr. Czubiak's office, today.  The staff are friendly, courteous, professional, and efficient.  Their location in old town Camarillo is very convenient for us, and we appreciate the good care that we have consistently gotten from them over the past 12 years.

  • Jun 27, 2017 by Lorena P.

    BEST SERVICE EVER! This is one dentist I never mind going to! Everyone, and I mean everyone, always gives the best service and always with the perfect, positive attitude! Recommend 100%!

  • Jun 22, 2017 by Kay P.

    I like the dentists, I like the techs. Billing sucks. Billing is unclear and convoluted. They will charge you before they tell you what you are being charged for and not tell you until AFTER a procedure is done that they don't take your insurance anymore. Not worth staying.  It is too much of a headache.

  • Jun 22, 2017 by William S.

    I moved to Cali just over a year ago and had yet to visit a dentist until a minor issue of getting food stuck between two back teeth began recently which prompted me to make an appt. I initially went to a different dentist office in Camarillo because I saw they offered a new patient special for exam and X-rays. Since I don't have any dental insurance it sounded like a great deal. After the exam they told me I needed a root canal and crown and they gave me an estimate of $2800. I told the dentist I didn't have pain or sensitivity to hot or cold, etc and wondered if it could wait until January because I could pick up dental insurance at that time through my employer. She said that it was pretty urgent and I should get it done as soon as possible.  So I decided to get another estimate to see if I could get a better price and I came to Camarillo Smiles and saw Dr. Mike.  He gave me surprisingly great news that I may not need a root canal at all. I had a big cavity but he said there was better than a 70% chance that it could be filled without needing a root canal. The only way to know for sure is when they clean out the cavity. So I made an appt a few days later for that with Dr. Daniel. He explained everything very clearly about what he was going to do and about the possibility of still needing a root canal if it reached the nerve during the drilling, etc. So, long story short, he was able to fill it, did an amazing job, and saved me from an unnecessary and expensive procedure. This place is awesome, everyone is super friendly and caring, and if I could give it a higher rating I would!!

  • Jun 18, 2017 by Annette B.

    Coming to Camarillo Smiles on a Saturday was great.-  or having to miss work was a plus. Had a great cleaning and good consultation with Dr Daniel who really helped me understand how my teeth were doing. Highly recommend going here if you are looking for a dentist.

  • Jun 14, 2017 by Micheal F.

    Unlike most people, I'm not a huge fan of going to the dentist. The experience at Dr Czubiaks office is very dis-arming. Great people behind the counter. Great people behind the masks. Very friendly environment. Dr. C is just an amazing dude. All of the team that I've been serviced by have been so reassuring and professional. I plan on going there as long as I have teeth! Thank you Dr. Czubiak

  • Jun 13, 2017 by Mildred K.

    I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. CZubiak and his office. The entire staff is wonderful; especially Lauren, the hygienist. They greet me like family. The quality of the dental cleaning is amazing; I never had a cleaning like that ever in my life. Everyone is friendly, skilled,  very professional and honest. My entire experience has been very positive. I don't believe I ever had a service like in my whole life.

  • Jun 06, 2017 by Jesse James

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

    I've never had an experience at a dentist like I did at Camarillo Smiles. Everyone, from the front office staff to the dental assistants and head dentists are so pleasant to speak with. I never felt like they were trying to sell me on unneeded procedures or products.

    Rebekah Ehde is like no other dentist I've seen before. I never thought it would be a pleasure to go to the dentist. She has shut down any previous hang ups I've ever had.

    Mona was a joy to talk to. She made me feel comfortable and she informed me of every procedure she was doing. She has such a wonderful disposition and is so endearing.

    Lisa was my first encounter there, as she is at the front desk. What a lovely person she is. I know it's cliché to say, but first impressions are so important. I knew immediately that I was in the right place because she put all worries at ease.

    Lainey was the last one I saw as I went out. She was so on top of her game. There's nothing worse than coming out of a dental appointment and seeing some huge bill with unknowable codes and so forth. She took care of everything so efficiently and with such attentiveness.

    In summary, the staff is outstanding. Almost oddly outstanding. I was referred to Camarillo Smiles by a friend. She's been going there her whole life. Now I know why.

  • May 20, 2017 by ROMANY IBRAHIM

    Very nice and clean place. People there are nice and friendly. Dr. Daniel is patient, a good listener, as well as Crystal and Maretta the hygienist.

  • May 20, 2017 by Jennifer R.

    I think this is my favorite dentist office ever.  From the friendly reminders and warm greetings to the tasty beverage service to the great quality dental care, we really couldn't be happier.  This will be a tough act to follow!

  • May 17, 2017 by Morgan Laue

    Today was my first time here. I've always been terrified of the dentist because of bad experiences in the past, but not anymore! Jenny and Dr. Ehde were great! Both were very informative, gentle, and made me feel so comfortable. Lisa, at the front desk, was also very helpful! Happy to have found a great dentist office!

  • May 17, 2017 by Moe M.

    Today was my first time here. I've always been terrified of the dentist because of bad experiences in the past, but not anymore! Jenny and Dr. Ehde were great! Both were very informative, gentle, and made me feel so comfortable. Lisa, at the front desk, was also very helpful! Happy to have found a great dentist office!

  • May 17, 2017 by Carly Rose B.

    Camarillo smiles makes getting your teeth cleaned bearable! They staff are so nice and truly care about you and your health. They place is clean and nicely designed in old town Camarillo. I would totally recommend them to anyone looking for a good dentist.

  • May 16, 2017 by Tom Silber

    Office staff very professional.

    Mona is also professional, experienced, efficient and quick!

    One minor annoying Delta insurance issue will hopefully be resolved by my wife's June cleaning.

  • May 12, 2017 by Christine B.

    My experience was very good. I was long overdue seeing any dentist. Found Camarillo Smiles on Yelp  and. They were able to see me right away. When I got there I felt very well cared for. Very friendly, efficient and everything was modern. I had to get a filling and they were able to take care of it the same day. I appreciate that it didn't hurt my mouth or my pocketbook. I will definitely be going back to Camarillo Smiles.

  • May 11, 2017 by Frank S.

    I'm always pleased with the excellent dental services me and my family receive at Camarillo Smiles. Prior to finding Cam Smiles it had been several years since I had been to the dentist. I avoided the dentist because after normal cleanings at other dentists my jaw and gums were always sore. Not so at Cam Smiles!  I have had cleanings by several different dental hygienists and each of them quick and professional. Did I mention I wasn't sore afterwards! I recommend them to friends and family without hesitation. Go see Cam Smiles you will not be disappointed

  • May 06, 2017 by Dana Little

    Had great experience at dentist office - camarillo smiles really cares and really makes sure they are doing all they can do so I can have a beautiful smile !!

  • May 06, 2017 by Melany Bunting

    Not a terrible way to spend a Saturday morning. Kristen is an excellent hygienist and explains every step of cleaning. She's thorough, friendly and comforting. Dr. Daniel is also very friendly, humorous and easy going. He gave me a clean bill (no cavities) so that's a plus! Highly recommend this facility!

  • Apr 26, 2017 by Concerned Mom B.

    Fantastic dentist team!!!! Dr Czubiak has the latest technology and years of expertise. I actually look forward going to the dentist!

  • Apr 07, 2017 by Cheri Ramirez

    I'm terrified of dentists but after 10 yrs I was able go back to Dr. Czubiac who is WONDERFUL and makes me feel right at ease. Please don't ever retire Dr. Czubiac otherwise my teeth will turn into dentures!!!!

  • Apr 01, 2017 by Paula Coleman

    The entire team in this office is on point, polite, knowlegeable, and appear to love what they do. The dentists are especially excellent dentists with excellent chairside manners!!

  • Mar 31, 2017 by Steve S.

    Felt like family at Camarillo Smiles! Always love going there! Lauren cleaned my teeth and was thorough AND gentle!   And she was very courteous and informative too. Lanie, Cassandra and the whole office staff are great too!  And of course we greatly appreciate Dr Czubiak and Dr Ehde!

  • Mar 28, 2017 by Lisa A.

    What a well run office. All the employees work together so well.  Great upscale technology and I felt extremely comfortable with my Dentist. Dr. Rebekah. Thank you Camarillo Smiles.

  • Mar 23, 2017 by Annette B.

    I had a great visit today had a tooth capped and then a filling redone. My silver fillings are cracking and so had one redone with white porcelain. A good visit and the dentists there are so helpful and caring. Highly recommended!

  • Mar 18, 2017 by Katelin Parmelee

    5 star staff, very kind and caring. Love that they do Saturday visits now. Never have to wait long in waiting room. Very clean office

  • Mar 17, 2017 by Angel Grillo

  • Mar 15, 2017 by Dan Urbaniak

    None better! They know what they are doing and are the best...after 50 years of going to dentists I want you to understand those will not do better anywhere else.

  • Mar 14, 2017 by Erik Rader

    Once again another fantastic visit at Camarillo Smiles. They are professional, courteous and skilled at their work.

  • Mar 09, 2017 by Leslee Owens

    I have been going to Dr. Czubiak for years! He is very personable and knowledgeable! He never pushes unnecessary procedures and he takes the time to explain things simply! He has such a kind heart and he makes "going to the dentist," not a drudgery!

    Cass cleans my teeth! She also is very personable and does a great job cleaning my teeth! She is thorough and professional! She encourages me to keep up with my own dental hygiene as well!

    I have to say that my experience with Camarillo Smiles has been awesome! Lisa always greets me with a warm smile and has always been helpful when it comes to scheduling and the insurance "stuff!"

    Thanks for helping me keep my own smile bright and are a special group of people and I appreciate you and the work you do!

  • Mar 09, 2017 by C. P.

    Wonderful service. The staff went above and beyond when I had an issue. I also take my young children here. They get excited about going.

  • Mar 02, 2017 by Linda Cohen

  • Mar 01, 2017 by Eileen Plander

    To me this was the happiest place in town and very professional too.
    I look forward to my next visit.

  • Mar 01, 2017 by Debbie Fowler

    Lauren is the best hygienist that I have ever been too. My gums are sensitive but i never have any pain when Lauren cleans my teeth. The practice in general is awesome and they incorporate lasyesest advances in denistry. I highly recoomend Camarillo Smiles.

  • Feb 23, 2017 by Bonnie Sterling

    I have been coming to Dr Czubiak for years. I drive from Simi to come just to this location. From Lisa at the front desk to my hygienist Lauren, I always receive the very most modern and quality dental office experience. Dr Czubiak is a great guy. In the 20 years I have known him he has always taken care of me perfectly. I love that he doesnt rush to perform procedures but is happy to "keep an eye" on something and see what develops. The pricing is fair but not cheap. If you are looking for excellent care, you will find it here. I'm a raving fan, I would give this office extra stars if I could.

  • Feb 21, 2017 by Karma Serrano

  • Feb 09, 2017 by Jenny C.

    Lisa, you are always so pleasant at your job that I actually enjoy going to the dentist for the first time in my life. To see your bright smiling face.  You seem to be such an upbeat person, that you always make what I'm there for tolerable.  I hope this review helps you and your company grow.  I'm not sure that you are as excited about this than I am.   I'm not so happy, if you get too busy, you may not remember my name every time I walk in there. Well, anyway this is a very positive review for you, Dr Pez.  I know she's out on new bonding leave, but hopefully she'll return to us one day, and Lauren who very professional and though and pleasant.  I really enjoy coming to your facility in general

  • Feb 09, 2017 by Barbara C.

    Dr. Czubiak is very gentle and welcoming, makes you feel at ease immediately... his staff is also very nice and welcoming.. I would highly recommend Camarillo Smiles!

  • Feb 01, 2017 by Robin Frazier

    People many times dread going to the dentist but Camarillo Smiles takes the dread away, when you walk in, you're immediately greeted by the friendly staff (always) the dentists are fantastic, I personally go to Dr. Czubiak and he is great!!! Thank you all for taking good care of me!

  • Feb 01, 2017 by Le E.

    My family has been coming to Dr. Czubiak for over 20 years. My 2 teenagers have been coming here since they were 2 yo and we all love this place. The staff...

  • Feb 01, 2017 by Le E.

    My family has been coming to Dr. Czubiak for over 20 years. My 2 teenagers have been coming here since they were 2 yo and we all love this place. The staff is friendly and attentive. I've recommended several friends to this office and everyone is always pleased.

  • Jan 24, 2017 by Tracy Johnson Turley

    Everyone in this office makes you feel completely comfortable and welcome!! During my cleaning, Jenny explained everything she was doing and the importance of each step (I've had many cleanings from many different hygentists and this was the first time anyone has explained the process). She is excellent! The Doctors are friendly and extremely competent and the entire staff is so friendly!! I highly recommend Camarillo Smiles!!!

  • Jan 23, 2017 by Holly Sacks

    It was Michael Sacks who saw Cass for
    my cleaning. She was her usual through, friendly and efficient self, a great asset to the Camarillo Smiles practice. Mike Sacks

  • Jan 18, 2017 by Ashlee Campos

  • Jan 11, 2017 by Dorothy Beauchamp

    You will feel welcome from the time you go into the clinic. The staff, assistants, and doctor are kind, helpful, and informative with any question you have and with a desire to make your experience comfortable. I always feel happy with my time in the office and am so glad I go to Camarillo Smiles. Thank You.

  • Jan 07, 2017 by Lily Catalano

    My family and I are life long patients of Dr. Czubiak, literally the past 30 years. He is gentle, extremely caring, and always up to date technologically.
    His staff is as caring and uplifting as he is.
    The name of the business is exactly how you feel while there.
    Camarillo Smiles is a strong 5+.

  • Jan 04, 2017 by Tom catalano

    As always, the best, most gentle, and happy dental people I've ever known.
    Always a pleasureable experience! Always!
    The front staff as well as the dental people, happy, courteous, and truly caring.

  • Jan 04, 2017 by Jessica Lee Dickran

    They are amazing!!!! We ❤️ Camarillo Smiles!! From the moment you walk in the door, they are friendly, professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and do fantastic dental work!! The set the bar high for the best quality dental work with exceptional customer service in all areas! Our WHOLE family goes, all 5 of us! Dad and mom plus 3 kids aged 3-8... we have never had a bad experience... my only complaint is that the first filling didn't hurt the kids... hahaha. I wanted them to at least fear the "dreaded cavity" a little. We love this office!!

  • Dec 30, 2016 by Tami Peterson

    My family has been going here for a year and half now. My daughter is currently doing Invisalign with Dr. Edhe and we just love her. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. Their payment plan for Invisalign makes it so affordable for us.

  • Dec 29, 2016 by Connie Marshall Ratner

  • Dec 24, 2016 by Nathaniel Steward

    My entire family (two adults, five children) have enjoyed Camarillo Smiles for ten years. We had another great six month check up experience at Camarillo Smiles. It was thorough and extremely beneficial for all of us. The office staff were all friendly and efficient like always. Mona, the hygienist was fabulous again. Dr. Ehde, the dentist was so knowledgeable and gave us detailed typed information about all five children's dental needs. This check up was an extremely helpful and postive expenerience. This is the ideal dental clinic for children and adults! The Camarillo Smiles staff all work together like a second family and as a caring team.

  • Dec 22, 2016 by Tara Jones

    I really love Camarillo Smiles. So much, that I fly to California periodically from the midwest for my cleanings, among other things! They bring up possible causes for my dental ailments that I would have never thought of, and offer great therapies to alleviate those ailments! They are not surgery happy and are affordable if you do not have insurance.

  • Dec 07, 2016 by Gma Bell

    Crystal is the best and the whole office is caring and efficient. Dr Czubiac is great, too. All in all, they are worth every star

  • Dec 02, 2016 by Ian Wells

    Wonderful people who strive to make your experience comfortable and informative. Highly recommend everyone who works at Camarillo Smiles!

  • Nov 16, 2016 by Karen Emery

    I've gone to Camarillo Smiles for over thirty years. I used to be afraid of the dentist, but since I started seeing Dr.Czubiac I have no fear. The office staff is wonderful and welcoming. I can't say enough about how caring and kind Dr. Czubiac has always been. Once a friend and I were discussing dentists and we both insisted that we went to the best dentist. Finally we discussed who our dentist was, and guess what! We both went to Dr. Czubiac. I highly recommend him and the entire group.

  • Nov 12, 2016 by Tess R.

    I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday with Dr. Monica. I was very nervous about the procedure because I was only doing numbing shots and no gas or...

  • Nov 12, 2016 by Tess R.

    I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday with Dr. Monica. I was very nervous about the procedure because I was only doing numbing shots and no gas or anesthesia. I have been getting my teeth cleaned with Mona for a few years now and she always makes me feel so comfortable so I asked her if she'd sit with me through the procedure. She seemed happy that I asked her to do this and said of course she'd be there! When it came time for the procedure yesterday Dr. Monica was very kind to me and explained everything that was going on. She has a very soothing voice and that really helped me to stay calm. I was done within an hour (all 4 wisdom teeth, they had all grown in already) and on my way home. I woke up the next day with minimal pain and virtually no swelling. No one noticed any facial swelling and everyone warned me that I wouldn't be able to really open my mouth... well I didn't experience that either. Dr. Monica is so gentle and sweet!

  • Nov 10, 2016 by Douglas Parker

    Another friendly, professional visit with expert treatment!

  • Nov 05, 2016 by Veronica Zambrano San Juan

    Great first visit with Dr Edhe and staff! Love that they are open on some Saturday's, works with my schedule. �

  • Nov 04, 2016 by Haley Yang

    They are very good!

  • Nov 02, 2016 by Tom catalano

    As always, the best, most gentle, and happy dental people I've ever know.
    Always a pleasureable experience! Always!
    The front staff as well as the dental people, happy, courteous, and truly caring.

  • Nov 01, 2016 by Sonia S.

    I love this place, everyone is super friendly and they always see that you get the best help. They give you detailed explanations on how to care for your teeth. Even though I hate the dentist I am glad I come here.

  • Oct 25, 2016 by Dana Kimberlin Little

  • Oct 24, 2016 by Tracy B.

    Dr. Czubiak: Thanks so much for being there in my emergency. Within 30 minutes of your office being opened on Monday, my problem was being solved. THANK YOU! Your office has always been there EVERY TIME I needed it. What pros.

  • Oct 21, 2016 by Yvonne Sevcsisin

    Their entire staff is awesome. They are great with kids too. My family has been with this office for over 20 years and I would highly recommend them. They get a solid 10 rating from me.�

  • Oct 20, 2016 by Tina Maligmat Marshall

    Lauren is the best hygienist! We love her!���️

  • Oct 17, 2016 by Kimberly Taylor

  • Oct 04, 2016 by Antonia Galante

    I have a hard time going to the dentist and the doctor really worked with me. Was gentle and made me comfortable the whole time. The staff is great warm and friendly. Definitely my dentist from here in out. Thanks to them my mouth is feeling so much better. Would recommend for sure. A plus service and great prices and works well with you as the customer very caring.

  • Sep 20, 2016 by Luciano Heri Rodriguez

  • Jul 23, 2016 by Nicole R.

    I love this place! Dr. Edhe is the best and Cas (spell check) is the best hygienist. We are so sad to be relocating to a different state I wish I could fly back just to keep these two in my mouth lol

  • Jul 19, 2016 by Missy L.

    I used to love it here, but I can't give them more than 3 stars based on the attitude from the new front desk lady. I had to reschedule an appointment a few times (just my general cleaning appointment), which I did with more than enough time (at least a week ahead of time) and she was so incredibly rude each time. She attempted to lecture me on how I HAD to come in because I had to have my retainer fitting... I don't even own a retainer, nor was I ever fitted for one. When I corrected her, she sassed me even more. If it was an isolated incident, I'd give her the benefit of the doubt, but every interaction with her over the phone is horrible. She's rude, condescending, and entitled. If I never had to speak to her again, I may give this place back its 5 stars, but I haven't found a way to avoid her yet.

  • Jul 16, 2016 by Jordan M.

    I went here this morning and wow, everyone is so friendly!!!! The office staff is so helpful, and mu hygientist, Maretta was AMAZING and by far the best hygientist I have ever had. She was super helpful with providing tips on how to improve my oral health. The doctor was also wonderful, she was helpful and explained what will be beneficial to getting, but they were never pushy whatsoever which is wonderful! I always procrasinate going to the dentist, and they make it so much better! So glad I heard about Camarillo Smiles and gave them a shot!

  • Jul 16, 2016 by S M.

    We love the office and the girls up front(especially LISA).  are extremely happy‼‼‼. I want their job if I could be that happy‼.  Our entire family goes their including my 91 year old father with all his teeth just  for Dr. C.  He is not only a great dentist he has great stories.  He is a renaissance man.  The  dental hygienist is the only one I will go to.  I will write back her name.  Just to let you know my teeth are a big part of my profession ( commercial actor) and I trust Dr. C‼

  • Jun 27, 2016 by Tavita Togisala

  • May 08, 2016 by Roberto Martinez

  • Apr 11, 2016 by Angela Luke

  • Apr 08, 2016 by Tom Catalano

    By far Dr. Czubiak is the kindest, most gentle, constant technologically updated dentist I've ever encountered. As young parents new to the county we chose him for his reputation of being gentle and caring with kids. 27 years later after watching him carry our sleeping kids from their procedures, (due to gentleness, not drugs), we still see doctor Czubiak. The kids have all chosen their dental insurance based mainly on his acceptance of that insurance, allowing them to continue seeing Doc Czub.

    So far, I've only spoken of Dr. Czubiak which isn't okay because he would not be able to perform to the standards in which he adheres without the support of his incredible staff!
    In addition to each individuals expertise, each person on staff share the same trait which I'm sure to be the inspiration to the name of the business...Camarillo Smiles!
    As a whole, in my opinion a better dental experience can not be found.

  • Mar 09, 2016 by Carolyn Kennedy

    Love Camarillo Smiles and had a really great experience with Dr. Pez placing a new crown for me, she is AWESOME!! The staff is always friendly, professional, caring and dedicated!! I am so grateful for the quality work I have received over the years from Dr. Mike and his team!!! Thank you for keeping my smile healthy and happy!!! Five Stars!!!

  • Feb 09, 2016 by Paula Coleman RN

    I have always found everyone at this practice to be top notch in their skills and professionalism AND personable! They are very much interested in their client and help to find great solutions to any ongoing dental problems. Masterful at…

  • Feb 04, 2016 by Lisa Stinnett Gillespie

  • Feb 04, 2016 by John Heague

    Great Dentist. Very gentle and explained every procedure to me. The front office staff is so friendly. Bea, Lisa and Pat were so warm, kind and helpful. Thank you guys for everything!

  • Feb 03, 2016 by Joan smith

    Great staff who care

  • Jan 11, 2016 by Julieanne Younghans O'connor

    The BEST Dentists in the State. No joke. They are FUN, Professional, Beautiful people and most importantly EXCELLENT at what they do. They explain everything in detail and never sell you something you don't need. They are stand up on every level and do incredible work. The bonus is the wonderful office environment and wonderful team.

  • Oct 23, 2015 by Jann Perkins

    So happy that I found a dentist that understands my fear...
    Great, understanding & gentile

  • Oct 17, 2015 by Jennifer Willis

  • Jul 21, 2015 by Concepcion Garcia

    I I'm so glad it's over don't have to put up with it no more

  • Jul 14, 2015 by Collette P.

    Dr. Shapiro the best dentist I have ever had. My whole family now goes to him, my son has extreme anxiety about the dentist and Dr. Shapiro has been the only dentist that has been able to really help him. All of the staff is very helpful and friendly!

  • May 19, 2015 by Natalie C.

    If I could give this office 10 stars I would! From day one calling to schedule an appointment was the best customer service ever!! Sometimes when calling medical/ dental offices you dont get the most pleasant attitude on the other end...not in this case. Bea has been so helpful from day one, and not one ounce of unpleasantness.  Now to the back! Everyone is smiling and greeting you as you walk in. Lisa was my hygienist twice, and she made me feel like family.  I literally felt like I was talking to my sisters. I cant say enough about how much I love this office and staff. Dr. Shapiro was my dentist and he was awesome!  He made sure I understood everything and I didnt feel rushed at all. You dont feel like your head is spinning bc they were just trying to get you in and out. I have definitely found my new family dental office

  • May 05, 2015 by Cathy O.

    No one enjoys going to the dentist until you have visited Camarillo Smiles!   The staff is friendly and caring. The atmosphere is enjoyable and they have great coffee!  Believe it or not,  I actually look forward to going to the dentist after my experience with Camarillo Smiles.   It's no surprise they were voted number one by the VC Star Readers Choice Awards. I have been going here for years and would highly recommend them for your next dental experience. You won't want to go anywhere else.  All around good folks!

  • Apr 18, 2015 by Pat O.

    My experience with Dr. Czubiak and his staff was fantastic.  I'm a real chicken and they made my feel comfortable and most importantly I felt no pain!  Thank you

  • Apr 03, 2015 by forrest h.

    I was traveling and away from my regular Dentist when my temporary crown came off. Camarillo Smiles fit me at the last minute on a Friday afternoon and completely replaced (as opposed to simply re-attaching) the damaged crown. Very professional, and I got to watch a cool History Channel special at the same time! Highly recommended...

  • Mar 26, 2015 by John James

    Best dentist EVERRRR. Great team. Great atmosphere. Excellent dentistry! Thank you!

  • Mar 12, 2015 by Sarah B.

    Hands down the best dental experience ever.  I'm new to the area and hate having to switch doctors.  I did a lot a research before choosing a dentist and no mater what I searched, Camarillo Smiles always popped up with 5 star reviews.  Sometime reviews are a little skewed because the amount of people that don't reveiw a place but this rating was dead on.  Camarillo Smile is definitely worth 5 stars.  I would recommend anyone looking for a new dentist to go to Camarillo Smiles.  The office is clean, they offer refreshments, and everyone there is super friendly.  I've never been more happy to be at a dentists office.  Dr. Shapiro came in to do his inspection while I was getting my teeth cleaned and he didn't mind answering a few questions I had.  He seemed happy to answer my questions and even gave additional advice.  When I left the dentist office I felt like a million bucks...and like I just found an awesome deal on a great pair of shoes. ; )

  • Feb 09, 2015 by andread45077010

    I have been a patient here since I was 7 years old. I am now 26 years old. Everyone in the office is so friendly. The office is very nice, sterile and super clean. Very family oriented.

  • Jan 23, 2015 by Stephen G.

    Having suffered through inexpensive dentists as a child, due to financial issues, and at times not getting the best care, I am the pickiest of people when it comes to choosing a dentist. My family and  I have been going to Camarillo Smiles for 14 years and am so grateful for all they do for their patients.  Dr. Czubiak can go from friendly and funny to completely serious as you tell him what issues you are having and how they are affecting your life.  It often takes several tries to get me numb for a procedure and there have been times my appt has lasted much longer than intended and Dr. Czubiak and his nurse have had to stay late to finish my procedure, never acting like I was imposing on them.  He never forces unnecessary procedures but will tell you when he thinks something does need to be done.  Lisa and Paige, in the front are awesome and I have had Kass clean my teeth for many years, she is great! PS  I must have signed in under my son's account....I live in Camarillo, not Irvine...and I can only edit not delete my post to show I am a local patient.  So much for technology!

  • Jan 19, 2015 by stephaniep40071864

    Efficient and clean fun for myself and my kiddos.

  • Jan 05, 2015 by Elijah Alexander

    I enjoyed my visit. Everyone here is so friendly and took great care of me. Thank you!

  • Dec 13, 2014 by Marian Garcia

  • Dec 11, 2014 by Patrick Q.

    Camarillo Smiles is awesome. I just had my first visit here and the staff is just phenomenal. I was seen by Doctor Shapiro who was very helpful and informative  throughout my whole visit. They really go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. One of the front desk assistants actually sat down with me in their nice comfy couches that they have in the lobby to help break down what I needed to take care of first. Everyone there seemed to have a genuine interest for my visit and I definitely will be coming back because of it! Also the coffee machine did a great job in helping me kick start my day ;) Five stars all the way!

  • Dec 10, 2014 by Tamara Nichols

    Camarillo Smiles is the whole package! From kind and caring staff to amazing dentists, like Dr. Czubiak, you truly can't ask for more. Never before have I encountered such a kind, caring compassionate, professional and knowledgeable…

  • Dec 09, 2014 by Frank W

    I've been a patient for over four years, recommended by a co-worker to come here. Excellent office staff, first name basis, great technicians Crystal and Talen, and Drs Czubiak, Shapiro, and my fave Dr. Pez....all wonderful, I want to come…

  • Dec 08, 2014 by troys136616865

    Great staff and dentistry. I am greatly pleased at the experience and comfortable environment. I will absolutely recommend it to friends and family.

  • Dec 02, 2014 by Kaiden Chapman

    We have always been very well taken care of at Camarillo Smiles. They are always professional, happy and caring. Thank you!

  • Dec 01, 2014 by Cindy Dutter

    My parents come here, and my husband as well as my kids. Dr.Czubiak is always very kind and caring and he has a great sense of humor which makes going to the dentist more pleasant!

  • Nov 24, 2014 by laurenq1671182084

    Amazing care, awesome and personal staff and I love that the scheduling is flexible and accommodating! Love Camarillo Smiles!

  • Nov 20, 2014 by Gabriela Sweeny

    Everybody is super friendly and caring. Dr. Shapiro also provided me with excellent care!

  • Nov 18, 2014 by Alisha Grasso

    The staff here is always amazing and welcoming. I have never looked forward to dental appointments until coming here. JUST FABULOUS!!

  • Nov 18, 2014 by Jessica Lopez

    I've been coming here for several years and I love the kind friendly staff and dentists. I now have my husband and stepchildren here as well because I love this office so much.

  • Nov 17, 2014 by Ernst Siros

    As always my visit pleasant and I was treated professionally. I have been coming here for many years. As always, my treatment was explained in a way I could understand. Also, my questions were answered in a way I could understand. I…

  • Nov 14, 2014 by Ricky

    Awesome Office!!! Love these guys..

  • Nov 13, 2014 by Luke Travis

    My visit (and prior visits) to Camarillo Smiles are, and have been absolutely wonderful. All of the staff and are incredibly knowledgeable,friendly and professional. I would never trust anyone else after the exceedingly high level of care…

  • Nov 11, 2014 by Lynn

    I'm a new patient to this office. Wow......if your needing dental work this is the place. I'm seeing Dr. Czubiak and he's wonderful. He has a very gentle touch and it was painless. Now I'm sending my husband in for a great experience!

  • Nov 05, 2014 by Eric S

    Just had my cleaning appointment with Lori. It was very thorough, she explained everything and my teeth feel great!!

  • Nov 04, 2014 by Betty Sperry

    First time having teeth filled with our new found dental office "Camarillo Smiles". They made me feel so comfortable sitting in the dental chair and with all of the modern equipment the teeth were filled with no pain! ...I will be so happy…

  • Oct 16, 2014 by Chris M

    Camarillo Smiles is an excellent dental office - they are very caring and provide very good treatment and good advice. It is often difficult to find a good dentist but Camarillo Smiles really are a great office. I have seen both Dr.…

  • Oct 07, 2014 by Karen S.

    Dr. Czubiak and staff are THE BEST dental practice we have ever encountered. They have taken care of our entire family for over 15 years and we would never dream of going anywhere else!

  • Oct 01, 2014 by Imelda De Forest

    Always a pleasant experience at Camarillo Smiles. Dr. Czubiak and Staff are very professional, friendly, efficient, helpful , and competent. We love these dentists and their staff!

  • Aug 19, 2014 by Maggie P.

    Dr. Czubiak is a class act. I moved up to the bay area a year ago and recently went to a corporate dental office on a Groupon deal (x-rays/exam/cleaning). They told me that I had a very large cavity under an existing filling and that I needed a crown ASAP. The dentist was shocked that it was giving me no pain and that it may even need a root canal, but they wouldn't know until once they got in there. They quoted me $1280 for the work. They also told me I had another small cavity on another tooth. I called my dentist's office of 10 years in Camarillo, Camarillo Smiles, just to get an idea of prices for dental procedures without insurance. They were happy to talk to me and told me what they charge for all their procedures ($975 for a crown). Since I was going to be in So Cal for a visit anyways, I made an appointment to get it taken care of and had Randhawa Dental in Alameda email me my recent x-rays. When I got there, all prepared to have my tooth drilled out...I was filled with anxiety and bummed out that I had to spend my vacation getting dental work...Dr. Czubiak told me that I did not need a crown, in fact, I did not any cavities at all. He pulled up my x-rays from 6 years ago to compare them to the recent ones and showed me that there were two very small shaded areas that were caused by different features of my teeth, but since they had not grown obviously they were not cavities. NO CROWN NEEDED! The moral of the story is stay away from corporate dental offices!!! Dr. Czubiak is as honest and kind as they come. Cass is an amazing hygenist too : )

  • Aug 11, 2014 by Kami C.

    After a bad experience, you are forever fearful. Dr. Czubiak and staff made going to the dentist okay again...they are all awesome! Don't fear going and would recommend them to everyone.

  • Aug 09, 2014 by Toni Why

    The best! They take great care of me and my teeth. And never before have I had to ask my dentist to stop for a moment because I am laughing too hard! I would recommend them highly.

  • Jul 10, 2014 by Cassandra S.

    This place is amazing! Not only did they do an excellent job cleaning and bonding my teeth, but everyone is so friendly! I worked with Lisa U and Dr. Shapiro and they were absolutely wonderful. I would recommend them and the facility in general to anyone looking to get great dental work along with a great experience!

  • Jul 03, 2014 by Shannon Billings

  • Jun 27, 2014 by Anayeli Serrato

  • May 13, 2014 by Michelle G.

    Great experience if your looking for a good dental office to go too they are really friendly and and I guarantee you will leave happy you went there. I hate going to the doctor but everyone there the staff and the doctors made the experience wonderful.

  • Apr 22, 2014 by Andrea M.

    I really hated going to the dentist. I have a difficult time with being numbed, and tend to get nauseous and dizzy to the point of nearly passing out. Dr. Pez took fantastic care of me, and was kind and gentle during my exam. She explained everything to me, and adjusted the medication to be less troublesome to me. The office even provided a shake for me to drink to try and help with my troubles. They know what they're doing, the explain why they did things the way they do, and genuinely care about doing the right thing for me. I really recommend this office to anyone who needs their teeth taken care of. They also are great with reminders, sending you a text or email if you like.

  • Apr 21, 2014 by Karen G.

    I can't say enough about this practice.  My daughter has been going to Camarillo Smiles while in college out-of-state and has seen Dr. Czubiak and Dr. Shapiro.  Somehow she had developed a huge phobia of the dentist but they are so caring and compassionate and go above and beyond to take care of her- not just her dental needs but her emotional needs as well.  Lisa in the front office is a gem- next best thing to mom being there!

  • Mar 17, 2014 by Debi Beecroft Lassen

  • Mar 12, 2014 by Christy Burckhard

    My kids enjoy going to Camarillo Smiles. Great place!

  • Feb 16, 2014 by Mike Montevista

    Fantastic dental office, competent, professional and friendly. I've never had this much fun at a dental office.

  • Jan 13, 2014 by Nikki Pasmant

  • Dec 21, 2013 by P. J.

    The best dentist office I have ever been in.  In dog years, I have been seeing dentists for over 600 years :-), and my experiences here have been the most pleasant of all.  The staff is extremely friendly, and I find that they are very considerate of my needs. The office is high tech, clean, and runs on time!  I have referred friends here, and find that they end up referring others, as well.

  • Nov 19, 2013 by Erika S.

    The best dental office ever! I have been going to Dr. Czubiak for about 20 years and I will continue until he retires. I feel like the entire staff genuinely care about their patients. Lisa at the front desk always asks about my kids (by name even) and I love hearing about her family. I have always had some anxiety going to the dentist but Dr. Czubiak and his staff somehow know how to calm me and help me relax. Maybe it's the gossip sessions we have :) or maybe just the laughing gas. The staff are very gentle, efficient and always up to date on new technology. I always leave with a smile and genuine good mood.

  • Nov 13, 2013 by Michele S.

    Our family of 4 love this practice and I have referred many of my co-workers. Some who live in Ventura and Santa Barbara even.   They are warm, friendly and office atmosphere professional.  I always leave with a smile and I know that sounds cheeky, but Dr.  Czubiak is the reason why! Such a positive person.

  • Oct 25, 2013 by 'Bud Harley

  • Sep 26, 2013 by Sharmyn Long

  • Sep 25, 2013 by Kory Wilde

  • Sep 04, 2013 by GABRIEL A.

    Dr.Czubiak, what can I say about that man? I can say plenty but I will not as I might incriminate him and I. He is the best dentist I have had. My teeth use to look like a white picked fence in East Los Angeles. Now they look like a Hollywood star's teeth, less the meth, alcohol and smoke stains. Dr. Czubiak which is not easy to spell, treated me like a son. His last name comes from Denmark, as he was raised on the lower eastside of Denmark's red light district. Dr. Czubiak has some great stories about growing up there -feel free to inquire. All kidding aside -he is the best and his staff is great!!!

  • Sep 03, 2013 by Ami H.

    Been going here for more than 5yrs.  Got the referral from an oral surgeon - my thought process was - I want to go to a dentist another dentist uses. Lori ALWAYS gives me a great cleaning, listens to my concerns and remembers the little things that make the 2x a year appointment personal. :) Saw Dr Shapiro for the first time today and I REALLY liked him.  Very personable and down to earth and really dialed into my questions with detailed yet understandable answers. Of course, Lisa in the front is AWESOME!!!  ;) ;) The additional perks are the art exhibit hall (actual art from the university students, it rotates regularly) and the salt water fish tank - very relaxing. The staff is always friendly and accommodating - I enjoy my dental experience with this office.

  • Sep 03, 2013 by Joshua P.

    It just doesn't get much better than this office.  Dr. Shapiro is really passionate about his practice and the whole experience of going to the dentist has really been transformed for me.  He is patient, kind, humorous, gentle and a very gifted dentist! I feel very lucky to have found this office.

  • Sep 02, 2013 by Leann L.

    I have enjoyed going to the dentist since I have had met Dr.Czubiak & Dr.Shapiro. They have helped me get over any phobias I have had from bad dentists as a child. I know have a beautiful smile I can take pride in.I have a young child who has come with me during long procedures and the staff always made his time at the dentist an adventure(they also have the coolest treasure chest I have ever seen at a dental office!).

  • Aug 21, 2013 by Jmee Pollock

  • Aug 03, 2013 by Harmony Sarah Law

  • Jul 24, 2013 by Jackie Little

  • Jul 19, 2013 by Brenna Page

  • Jul 18, 2013 by Annie L.

    Dr. Shapiro is the best dentist on all 9 planets!  If you're anything like me and fear going to the dentist, then Camarillo Smiles is the place for you.  Any other dentist was just BS!  (Before Shapiro :-))  Not only is he the best dentist that I have ever been to, but the staff is also top notch!  They treat you like family and at the same time remain professional.  They have a TV in every room and state of the art equipment.  I had braces as a teen and still lived 30 years with a smile that made me feel self conscious.  In an hour Dr Shapiro changed my life!     Thank You to Dr. Shapiro and Camarillo Smiles for all that you are and all that you do for your patients!  A very satisfied customer  :-)

  • Jul 11, 2013 by J En Romero

  • Jul 10, 2013 by Mariaa Munoz

  • Jun 22, 2013 by Brenna G.

    I drive all the way from Oak Park to see Dr. Czubiak.  I love him & his staff I have been going there since they opened this office.  I have also brought my kids the staff is great.

  • Jun 11, 2013 by Ghazala T.

    Dr Czubiak is Awesome !!! Had a great experience all the staff is great!!

  • Jun 03, 2013 by Jennifer Thorsen Mealiffe

  • Oct 06, 2012 by Mona W.

    I love Dr Czubiak and all the staff at Camarillo Smiles.Best dentistry,state of the art  done in a very caring manner.My whole family comes  to Camarillo Smiles for  the past 8 years.Honest ,friendly and precise !!! I also had work done by his associates and it is the very best dentistry I ever had. I am very thankful for finding Camarillo Smiles . mona W

  • Sep 24, 2012 by Jason P.

    Camarillo Smiles is the best dentist office! The whole staff is great! Both dentist have a great touch,....I've had work from both Dr. Czubiak and Dr Shapiro... Really friendly atmosphere.... and even a great saltwater aquarium to enjoy while you wait! I recommend all my friends and family here.

  • Aug 17, 2011 by Social

    Best Dentist I have ever had! Staff rocks...

  • Aug 10, 2011 by Chris

    Dr. Czubiak is the best! :)